Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Pre-K Fashion Statement

After we got back from vacation I took a little time to reorganize things just in time for a big, exciting change.A certain little girl has started her role as a pre-k student and for this special occasion, she needed the proper staple piece to rock on her first day. Think pinafore top, nice and breezy, in a lovely graph paper print.


Just Ma said...

How sweet-- where is that little pre-K model??? Need pics---lots of pics.

Vanessa said...

That fabric is awesome! Jealous ;)

Anonymous said...

:) so gosh-she's getting bigger and we're getting older! miss you girl


Aunt Dawn said...

Too cute!!! how does she like school so far?

Just Ma said...

Love the pic of Phia---can she start a school blog?
Love, Ma

Karin van D. said...

Very cute. Great colour!