Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Destination: Vieques

To our family late summer equals vacation time. Danny's restaurant takes their annual two week break, making this the only time we can take an extended trip together.This year we flew out to the Puerto Rican isle of Vieques, where we met up with my mother and little sister. And oh was it beautiful.I spent the first few days totally sick. I am still not sure what I had, but bed rest seemed to be the only cure. After a fair amount of self diagnosing I have narrowed it down to two possible illnesses. Rubella or dengue- it is still undecided. 
Once we were all in good health, our vacation was dreamy with blue skies, crystal clear water, bio-bay tours, off roading, "wild" horse watching, good food, airy accommodations and a lot of time spent at the beach. 
We even had the chance to spend a considerable amount of family time together when Hurricane Earl decided to join us.  Running low on supplies, and with no power, it seemed like a good time to head home. Needless to say we really enjoyed our trip. So much in fact that I decided to include my favorite photographs here.

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Just Ma said...

Thanks for all the pics. It was like being there. I am glad you could all get away--Mom and Allie too! Also, glad you are back safe and sound ---and now you can enjoy some more of Earl as "he" hits the eastern sea board.
Love, Ma