Thursday, September 23, 2010

Oh, Brother!

I wish my little Brother was still a functioning sewing machine. It picked the perfect time to stop working- right before kids clothes week challenge. I am glad to have the Huskystar on hand, but have to admit I have yet to make a set of successful buttonholes on it.
I made this top after one that Phia outgrew. While it seems simple enough, the yoke was a little uncooperative. It took a couple times of leaving it alone and coming back to it to get it finished, but I like how sweet and subtle it turned out. 


varenia said...

Love this! It's darling!

Sascha said...

Super cute!

Just Ma said...

Sweet! The material combination is great---thought the model was also top notch!
Love, Ma

Beth Lemon said...

I have a new husqvarna now (emerald 183) but I did master the buttonhole on my huskystar. It was about finding the right balance between stitch length and width.

I actually prefer the buttonholes on it over my new machine. Let me know and I'll do a test and write down my settings. I spent a long time getting it right (much too long...).

I'm glad I found your blog through kids clothes week.