Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Vintage Appreciation

While we were at a classic car show over on our cute little Main street, I discovered that Phia has the makings of an auto model. While Ori was busy checking out every single car, Phia entertained herself by striking poses & dancing to oldies.
Since we traveled by bicycle, I had the chance to take my new biking backpack on its debut tour of the town.
I wanted something compact & simple with a utilitarian feel. When I was finished, I couldn't help but sew on a little piece from my collection of lace, thus satisfying my need for vintage adornment.


Jenny said...

Funny! I love that backpack! Did you use a pattern? If so, which one?

Vicki said...

Awesome bag! I may need one. With you being so far away, I am thankful for your blog. I feel closer seeing pics of your adventures.

mo' pastry said...

um. can i buy this ?! i absolutely love the other bag you made for me. i am kind of addicted and want another. can i put in another order? pretty please!!!