Monday, May 10, 2010

Treating Myself

I have many a fond memory that involve warm foccacia bread. Back at bakery school one of my favorite classes was the breads course. Amazing instructor, labor intensive production, and a very delicious selection of baked goods- even I didn't mind rolling out of bed at 5 a.m.
I figured the kids wouldn't want any, so making it was my own little treat for myself. There are just so many reasons to love this bread- from the crispy edges to the tasty toppings. I like to keep it CIA standard by using sauteed onions & rosemary. Just so happens that my children both love it that way too.
Speaking of treats for myself- I also decided, after a ridiculous amount of debating, to purchase a Liberty of London chemise that I have been swooning over every trip to Target. I have eyed it for almost a month now, and have always decided to pass it up because I would have no place to wear it. And then, after an incredible revelation, I decided there is no better place to wear it than in my kitchen, while making bread. As a bonus to me, it only set me back $18.
A wonderful way to finish my day- in my favorite new dress, eating my favorite bread, with my favorite little boy.

P.S. Just saw this, and I am so, so thrilled! Thanks again, everyone, for voting and for all of the wonderful comments!


Just Ma said...

So where's the recipe? Makes my broiled, open faced swiss cheese, red onion, cibatta bread sandwiches look sick. Glad you "splurged" on the chemise.
Love ya girl,

Kaye Prince said...

I just found your blog through Made by Rae (congratulations on the win by the way!) and I really like what you're doing here! I've added you to my reader and I'll be back :D

lili ash said...

Thanks for the comment, Kaye, I hadn't realized that I won until I read your post and headed over to M-b-R.

The Print Lover said...

Im so glad you won. Such a well tailored top. Congrats!!

Aunt Dawn said...

YAY!!! Congrats!!! I had all my fb friends vote for you and between you and I, yours was the best and now the judges proved that!