Saturday, May 8, 2010

Top Outtakes II

This is the last installment of my top week adventure. After seeing so many cute 'boyfriend blazers' this spring, I thought I might try to whip one up.  
To make it wearable this spring, I made it unlined and kept the sleeves 3/4 length. Essentially I wanted something to replace the tattered old gray zip up hoodie that has been my go to on chilly days. I was on the fence about entering this top, because I wasn't sure if it fit under the guidelines of the contest. Regardless, I am very glad that I made it since I have really enjoyed wearing it, particularly on rainy day Ikea outings for chocolate cake lunches. 


Anonymous said...

aw :)
cute blazer. lol i love how you're always taking the kids to ikea! phia is getting so big...she's so adorable and such a sweet sweet girl. i can't wait for you guys to come visit!

aunty jess

Just Ma said...

Blazer looks great. Great idea for chocolate lunch---my kind of outing. Now, aren't those kids just about the cutest??!!!! Come visit me too!<:~)
Love, Ma

Just Ma said...

Looked at this again today---Phia is really an LJ "mini me." That facial expression brings a grin to mine.

Aunt Dawn said...

Happy Mother's Day!

charity said...

did you use a pattern for this? I have been wanting a cute blazer, but don't particularly want to pay more than 50 for one :) you should do a tutorial :)