Tuesday, May 11, 2010

California lovin'

Strolls through the produce sections usually always include a minute or two of avocado testing. I squeeze a good majority of them, and if I find one of the perfect texture with no bruises, I literally beam for a second. I never imagined it would be so hard to find good avocados out here in Jersey, or that I would find myself missing California so much. As a mixed up teen, I couldn't get out of soCal fast enough, and I never took the time to think about all of the things I would miss or be missing out on.
So, here's to ripe avocados stuffed into little beds of lettuce, tucked under slices of peppered bacon on homemade foccacia. Here's to appreciating the place that you grew up, even if you are a couple years late. And, here's to all of my friends and acquaintances in California; may you find comfort in simple pleasures and fond memories. 


Anonymous said...

oh my.... I have just stumbled onto your wonderful blog....while I am eating an avocado, lettuce and chicken sandwich on homemade wholemeal bread. YAY for fressh produce!!

Just Ma said...

Great looking sandwich. Great to see your thoughts/memories and to know that I was/still am a part of your life. You did it right--we are always where we need to be.
Love ya,

Terry said...

I was just in Sam's and they were giving out samples of peppered bacon. I am gonna make that sandwich. Yum!