Saturday, November 14, 2009

the great (inner) debate

to me there was something so romantic and exciting about working in a pastry kitchen. i have held onto an assortment of sweet sensory memories from my working days: the smells wafting through the air, the sound of over worked mixers, the feeling of dough in my hands and of course the variety of tastes to experience. i thoroughly enjoy being a stay at home mother, and i am endlessly grateful for my hard working husband and all of his support and sacrifices. i love being home with the children, and have only recently considered the idea of going back to work. i admit that sometimes i miss running around a kitchen and the camaraderie involved. i think that when the time is right, and when i find the perfect opportunity, the decision will be easy to make.
but for now, i suppose i might live out memories from my former life by making pastries from my modest kitchen with the company of my sweet children. if possible, much like this one, comprised of madeline cake, lemon curd, raspberry coulis and vanilla buttercream.

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Just Ma said...

Okay, not a good thing to look at on an empty stomach. This is a work of art--If you think of working, come here, I will be your full time nanny with a dog and a spare for each child. Could see a wonderful pastry and sandwich shop opening in this area. WOW, am still salivating at the pics---need to go and eat breakfast.