Thursday, October 22, 2009

indoor living

while it rained last week we got to enjoy each other's company while confined in our apartment. while one child sipped hot cocoa to keep warm, the other took sweet little naps.
for the first time since i moved to the east coast, i feel ready for the changes that fall brings. what's not to love about early bed times, extra cuddly babies, and warm dinners? especially when those warm dinners include one of my favorite cold weather vegetables, brussels sprouts.

i love brussels sprouts, especially when they are sauteed with some bacon, onion, and garlic with a hit of lemon juice, and then mixed with some pasta. phia is particularly fond of anything miniature, so when told that these were baby cabbages, she happily agreed to eat them. ori, on the other hand, loves bacon, and will devour anything that gives off even a faint bacon aroma.

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Just Ma said...

Liliash is up early. What sweet children---their Mom and Dad are also pretty great. We are also having a wonderful fall---Can't recall when I have seen so many different beautiful colors of foliage.
Love, Ma