Friday, August 21, 2009

popsicle week

this north-eastern heat wave has been reason enough to kickoff popsicle week at our house.
frozen yogurt, mango & coconut, strawberry & banana, yogurt & cherry, bing cherry
to make home made frozen yogurt, strain the yogurt overnight to remove the excess liquid, giving it a thick and creamy texture when frozen. i placed a coffee liner in a strainer, and then placed it over a pan or bowl to catch the drippings. i started with about 16 oz. of yogurt, and when it was strained i added a tablespoon of honey. add flavorings or leave it plain, and place in the freezer until hardened.

the possibilities are endless, proof being danny's gazpacho popsicles, or as he calls them gazpachpops.


Bkreader said...

What a great idea. Where did you get your molds for the frozen pops?
Love, Ma

klrm in va said...

Madelyn cannot wait to try this one! Thanks for posting. We are always making smoothies with frozen yogert and fresh fruit.