Tuesday, March 10, 2009

things learned while i visited kansas

even though i was back in wichita this past week due to a very sad circumstance, i enjoyed the trip, and while i sat waiting for a delayed flight in atlanta, i had a lot of things to reflect on. i learned...

... about the beauty of a graceful death. after a brave and valiant fight against lung cancer, my grandfather passed away. he was surrounded by his loving family and it was incredibly peaceful.

... how much i miss ashpole family gatherings and sitting down together to enjoy some cookies and cream, play blokus and learn revolutionary shirt folding techniques.

... i unknowingly named both of my children after my aunts' deceased pets. 


Kat said...

Hey LJ,
Missing you greatly. It's tough being up here in the frozen north without family around. How about the names Alice and Harry?

Bkreader said...

Great Blog---handsome guy--glad you could be with us. Miss you and glad your trip was a learning experience---those aunts can teach you a lot.
Love ya,