Monday, March 16, 2009

party like a rock star

while we intended on throwing a small party for ori's first birthday, after we found our location we decided it wouldn't hurt to go all out. 
it was held at a family friend's bar and although i didn't want to be confined to a theme, we decided to focus on music because of our venue. it all started coming together after that: we arranged to have danny's uncle's blues band play, guitar hero was set up for any brave party goers, cakes were served off of records, and i made some pretty rockin' cookies. 
the menu included salmon with an herb sauce, pulled pork sandwiches, and various pasta dishes and salads. for dessert i made carrot cake, cheese cake and triple chocolate devil's food cake and i kept them clean and simple. instead of going crazy decorating the cakes i made sugar cookies to look like album covers with some slight changes.
with the live blues music and danny's delicious food, i think everyone really enjoyed the party. it was really great to be surrounded by our friends and family to celebrate ori's first year.

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Bkreader said...

Thanks for returning to blogging----love staying in touch. Love you kids!!!