Tuesday, March 24, 2009

sort of fantastic and amazing husband

i have known for a while now that i married a pretty cool guy, but after my trip to kansas i realized how lucky i really am.

besides that wonderful and caring gesture, danny is always a pretty awesome husband. thinking about it, there is only one thing i have an issue with: the whole chef thing. whenever i tell people that i am married to a chef, they always say how great it must be, and it is, but let me break it down...


he can cook. 


he gets home well after midnight every night and holiday vacations are a thing of the past.


he brings me little treasure boxes full of banana and raspberry macaroons home from work.


i don't get to see him nearly as much as i would like.

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Bkreader said...

Thanks Danny for being there for our family (and for being a great husband/father/grandson) ---It was wonderful having Lindsay here with us ---missing her very much---will have to plan a trip to visit.