Wednesday, December 10, 2008

from saturday until tuesday i experienced my first time away from the babies. as i had hoped, it was filled with pomeranians (including my new favorite type: the absurdly overweight), waffles (including my long-time favorite type: made by papa and covered in crunchy peanut butter) and some quality time spent with my grandparents (my favorite part of all).

one activity that really makes me feel at home is looking through my grandma's collection of family photos. they bring to life old memories and remind me of where i came from.
i dream of living a life with many similarities to my grandparents. some of the things that i hope to have someday: a pack of children, a garden of hearty vegetables, and a life long partner, just to name a few.

after reviewing some undeniable photographic evidence, we have found the origin of ori's ultra-caucasian features.


klrm in va said...

I absolutely LOVE your blog today. Love you! Danny, Sophia and Ori too! Cannot wait to see you soon.

Love, Aunt Linda

Kat said...

Mmmmm, waffles! And extra crunchy peanut butter. I see a waffle iron purchase in my future.
Love the pics,
and you,

Bkreader said...

Love your blogs---Papa and I are humbled to have such a great family! You will never know how much your visit meant to us. Love all the pictures and comments.