Friday, November 28, 2008

relaxing on black friday

we celebrated thanksgiving at grandma rosie's with the wonderful palumbo family and, with a sigh of relief, i got home with the babies sleeping, and prepared to clean my kitchen. after a week of non stop baking, cleaning the kitchen is always an enjoyable task. 

for the desserts i wanted to do individual miniature tarts, because everything is better and cuter when miniature. think baby clothes. anyways, the selection included pumpkin mousse with swiss meringue, caramel apple tart, chocolate ganache with cranberry sauce, and fresh fruit tarts.

and for the black friday menu i decided to use some of those coveted leftovers. 

turkey nachos with cranberry salsa
after pulling apart some turkey, and throwing some salt, onion and garlic into the cranberry chutney, we got to enjoy some thanksgiving nachos. they were accompanied with some white cheddar, bean and corn salad, and some cilantro as garnish. i look forward to leftover utilization as being one of my favorite post thanksgiving activites.

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Bkreader said...

Look at your blogs everyday---love them---today Pop looked at them he and loved the pics and comments-----He has eaten three of your cookies everyday and savors them. The cookies have really worked to stimulate his appetite--thanks! We are really looking forward to your visit.
Love, Ma and Papa