Thursday, January 24, 2008

this past thanksgiving came with a fair amount of work.
first there was a christening cake for the upstairs neighbor. it was a canolli cake with a simple exterior.

second there was pie. oh my, we made pie. for a week we made pies every night for the holiday pie orders and family.

and third, getting everyone over to sophia's grandma's for dinner. it was, no contest, one of the most enjoyable thanksgiving dinners to date.

and once again, i realize it is much more difficult to function in a kitchen when you look like this.

the big belly is constantly getting in the way.


Jenny said...

Hello, I just found you on Etsy...your apples quilt is adorable...but you're WAY underpriced!!! You should be selling these for more.

Also, I've enjoyed perusing your blog- those are some beautiful cakes!

jenny on the front porch said...

Funny, I just saw you "hearted" my shop on Etsy ;) and thought...gee, she looks familiar! Then I found this old comment...back then I didn't have a shop...some more gorgeous quilts on yours- we'll be quilting more too!