Wednesday, November 5, 2014

the stylo post

So this was kind of a huge deal for me: I have a little spread in the new issue of STYLO along side some of my favorite children clothing makers and designers.
The looks that I contributed reflected what I love most this time of year- hiking and insanely cute outerwear. We live walking distance to a sprawling reservation and autumn is such a beautiful and vibrant time to enjoy the trails. For chilly hikes I put together these two looks: Phia's is much more whimsical while Ori's has a utilitarian feel to it.

 I made all the pieces that the kids are wearing, but I really wanted the focus to be on their coats. On cold days that's really the only layer showing, right?

Spruce Herringbone Wool School Days Jacket by Oliver + S
Gray Italian Denim Small Fry Skinny Jeans by Titchy Threads 
Chambray Pullover by Blank Slate Patterns

Tan Wool Nituna Jacket by Figgy’s Patterns
Thistle Ayashe Tunic by Figgy’s Patterns
Ponte Knit Capris drafted from Small Fry Skinny Jeans

Most of the fabrics used are available from Michael Levine Fabrics, one of my favorite fabric sources, who also happens to be offering a special STYLO discount. Check out their incredible selection and then use the code “STYLO10″ at checkout for 10% off your entire order.  

Major thanks to the STYLO duo Jessica & Celina- I am still so honored to have been a part of this issue as this was such a wonderful reason to jump on the sewing machine.

So, go swoon over STYLO & get inspired.


gail said...

I loved your spread, Lindsay - everything you make is so inspiring, and it doesn't hurt that your kids are so stunning :) Gorgeous photos, clothes, and kids! Ori's School Days coat is amazing - what a fabulous color!

hungie gungie said...

I loved seeing your kids in STYLO, rocking your amazing work- I LOVE both coats to pieces. Your spread just glowed! Well deserved, my friend! -e

kristi said...

Both looks are beautiful Lindsay! Love how you tied the boy and girl together with the shirt and coat detailing. I can't get enough of your son's coat, color, style, everything. Utilitarian yes, but so gorgeous.

nest full of eggs said...

I love what you did with the School Days Jacket! Did you happen to widen the front placket? Anyway, I love all of those buttons down the front!

Just Ma said...

What can I say but---You are awesomely creative and your children are wonderful!! Luv the coats and kids! STYLO is a great platform!

Anonymous said...

Amazing... Keep going lady, your work is amazing..

liza jane said...

Your kids are adorable. And your outerwear is spectacular. Great choices. Your spread was amazing!

lucinda said...

congrats on your Stylo contribution - that's a huge compliment to your handiwork! love your style, and your magazine outfits are amazing. Love that Nituna coat!

Unknown said...

Your kids are so cute. And the STYLO products matches them so much

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Joe said...

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