Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Q and A

Lots of thanks to all of the kind words and messages regarding the jackets posted for CTBM. I received some great questions (and perhaps my first hate mail?) and I thought I might share now that, to those of you who are not already aware, I am terrible with correspondence. I am still trying to figure out this very obvious defect of mine, and am currently working through all unanswered messages.
One question asked was what my favorite dish of the moment is. Very easily answered, I have been craving and making lentils like crazy for the past two weeks. Warm or cold, I am loving their delicious earthy flavor, especially with the dramatic temperature changes.

Plus they are easy to make. I saute some onion and carrot in a medium sized sauce pan and then add in two cups of lentils and four cups of water, but if you want, you an instead add in stock. Over medium heat, I add either a sprig of thyme or rosemary, and then cook for about 25-30 minutes. Once they are tender I add salt and a squeeze of lemon juice, and eat them straight up. Yay, lentils.


Just Ma said...

Knowing you as I do--cannot imagine you receiving hate mail. Sorry. Loved the lentil recipe--thanks for sharing.
Love, Ma

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Sarah said...

I teach nutrition classes, and in April will be starting a new venture with a food pantry in our area: "cooking classes". The first class is all about lentils. Would you mind sending me some of your recipes?
thanks so much!