Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Self Making

 I learned a bit about personal style this past month. Me Made May was an enlightening experience- I not only found an inner spark pushing to wear handmade pieces that were long forgotten or suspended in the back of the closet, but also honing in on my overall look. This is an endless project and I've had lulls, tried new things, made interesting decisions and gone through the cycle of wardrobe evaluation before. I've grappled with maintaining my style, especially after becoming a mother, and have watched as my closet evolved to fit different needs. In the midst of my less fashionable phases I realized taking on a different role in life did not mean sacrificing style, and have been refining the little glimpse of me that I wear each day.

During this overhaul I purged some lazy knit t-shirts and old jean shorts that were kicking around far too long. I made room for two pairs of maritime shorts, two skirts the purple dress pictured above and have thoroughly been enjoying each piece. The maritime shorts were completely worth the wait- the red pair were actually my 'muslin' that ended up being wearable, as in I want to wear them everyday. I had to take in the sides slightly, thus the smaller scale pockets, but it just steered me in the right direction on sizing for the next pair I made. I highly suggest checking out this pattern if you are interested in learning the secret art of shorts making. I had tried other patterns years ago that didn't break it down as effortlessly as this little gem did. And grainline studios also offers super helpful walkthroughs if you get caught up along the way. If that wasn't enough to sell you, then check out all these fine ladies rocking their creations:

vintage inspired by skirt as top
little stars by miss make
amazing print at lladybird
awesomely bright by cloth habit
grainline studio's own modified hem


Mary said...

I love the dress, what pattern did you use?

Anonymous said...

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