Sunday, February 24, 2013

Studio Top

 Sewing has been hit or miss lately. There have been more unfocused and tired days than there have been inspired and limitless days. For a while I have been trying to plan every single stitch I make to stream line my process, but have realized that that is just not how I function the best.
I made this color block top after seeing the fabric laid out next to each other. I think the challenge of making a stylish color block top is less the choice of colors and more to do with the proportion of the blocks. I wanted to keep this one sweet and simple for phia so I kept the middle band slim and higher up the bodice.  
I used stiffer fabrics- a pale pink poplin, black kona cotton, and a 50/50 teal bed sheet which were pieced together, and the front and back of the top are joined just below the black stripe at the armpit.
The front has gentle pleats at the neck and the back has a line of three buttons.
And since I personally love seeing pictures of handmade clothes flipped inside out, here is how the piece is lined. The back has a rounded little placket to accommodate the button closure and hits just at the seam of the middle stripe. 

ps: Happiest birthday wishes, Ma! Love you!


Erin said...

Lindsay, this is so pretty... Seriously, you should sell your patterns! I want this!

kristin said...

I'm a big fan of the "messy sewing room yielding great color combo" method of fabric choices. This is such a cute little top!

Just Ma said...

What a wonderful BD gift to see a great fashion, wonderful model, and visit w/the fashion creator. Such a cute top, great colors, perfect fit and the phone call was wonderful---made my day!!!
Love ya girl!!