Friday, August 31, 2012


Oh, how I have thoroughly loved this month.
We spent the past week in a hometown of mine doing super touristy things, enjoying friends and family, and relaxing on the beach.
After readjusting to life in NJ and taking a couple head shots, I have spent some time getting all giddy excited for project run and play- I am one of the designers this season and I am so thrilled! Check it out, and don't forget to vote!


Erin said...

Lindsay, that is great news! You know I'm a fan- can't wait to see what you create!! Big ups! :)

Just Ma said...

I am so excited for you and your new "project." Phia is a great photographer---luved the vision of her in the mirror. For sure feature that head shot. Can see the twinkle in the eyes and hear the wonderful laughing voices of your little ones during the vacation time. Know their GM Kei luved every minute of it.
Love, Ma

Emma said...

excited for PRP! I am also a New Jersey resident. Good luck!

The Balzer family said...

Hi, this dress is amazing and Phia looks sooo beautiful. It's really becoming and breathtaking. I think for sure every little girl should have a dress like this one.
You knocked this one out of the ballpark!
I'm soo excited for u! Xoxo