Tuesday, June 19, 2012

End of School Mode

 The kids are both officially done with school this week. Both were a little sad to have reached the end of the year so quickly- something I contribute to good teachers. I was so relieved that Phia and Ori both loved their teachers, and between end of year parties and festivals, I wanted to make them something cute to say thanks.
Hopefully they will get good use out of these totes- made with a modern apple print that is fun enough for someone who spends most of their time with young children.


Just Ma said...

Sweet--great idea. Glad the kids had great teachers. Know they will enjoy their summer. Love, Ma

kristin said...

Oh I love those apple totes and I'm sure the teachers will too! Enjoy your summer. :)

Anonymous said...

Of course I love my bag!
I toted books back to the Library, used it at the grocery and I have been toting my school laptop back and forth lately!
Thank you for a great year!
Mrs C