Friday, January 6, 2012

Right On Time

In the midst of holiday craziness I put together a little backpack made from striped denim, intended to house Ori's goods that he likes to lug around with him. He was genuinely excited when he opened up his gift, and I was just relieved that he loved it even though the train applique had no face.
And it was made just in time for Ori to take with him to the New York Botanical Garden's train show.
Ori and Danny met up with Uncle Chris to marvel at little replicas of NYC landmarks and trains scattered throughout a lush backdrop of living plants.
Needless to say, I think he enjoyed his outing- after seeing the pictures that Danny took I am considering taking Phia before it ends.
And if you have a minute to admire pictures of the show, might I suggest these and this and this.


kristin said...

i love this kind of thing - blowing a kid's mind with their favorite thing in the world on a larger scale. we did a nutcracker trip with my ballet-loving gal this christmas and i thought she would burst with excitement. cute backpack, too!! :)

Just Ma said...

How precious--the backpack is great and a trip w/Daddy and Uncle Chris to see a favorite site-how special. Bet the eyes were sparkling and fingers moving non stop w/all the excitement. Thanks for the links to the exhibit.
Love, Ma