Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Little Enjoyments

My sewing time has vastly slowed down lately, and I have noticed myself trying to plan out every next chance I will have to sneak away and sew. I bought a cute pattern or two and have been trying to match them up with the perfect fabric to ensure a pretty finished product. And sometimes I have to remind myself that some of my most favorite projects are simply by chance. This shirt started out as the skirt piece for a dress I have been longing to put together, but quickly realized that the fabric wasn't going to work for the pattern after I had cut it.
But I might be okay with that.


Just Ma said...

Great choice, sweet/comfy outfit---from the boots to the headband.
Love, Ma

kristin said...

really cute top - love the polka dots on you. :)

erin said...

sweet top, and great boots!