Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Fake Snow

The winter decorations are making their way up around our place.
After learning this very handy technique, Phia and I started a little production line of snow flakes and paper chains made out of old school handouts and scraps. I love the way the snowflakes turn out- and once you get the hang of it they are pretty easy to put together.
I couldn't resist snipping up doilies to add into the mix, and when I started stringing everything up it got a little reminiscent of my favorite scene in the movie Elf.


erin said...

those are sweet! and... do get me started on Elf- love the shower sing along :)

erin said...

i mean "don't" obviously!

Jill said...

beautiful snowflakes! i love that scene in elf too. it's so magical.

lili ash said...

Erin - I like "do get me started" more- like you don't want your Elf-love to be contained.

Jill- Thanks! The making of, and big reveal of his Christmas decor is probably my favorite part of the movie- it is really so beautiful!

Just Ma said...

WOW!!!! Just absolutely magical.
Love ya, Ma

Kat said...

We're makin' us some snowflakes at work today! Thanks for the inspiration.