Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sewing Enablers

I picked up sewing after summers spent visiting two very crafty grandmas. They have each been majorly inspiring and supportive, and when one was visiting this past week she took notice to the fact that my sewing space was lacking a work table.
We found this little piece at my favorite thrift store and brought it home for $9.99.
I gave it a little touch up with a new coat of paint and even found a home for it between stacks of vintage fabric and my ironing board. I am pretty into it and definitely ready to put it to use.


Just Ma said...

What a bargain--nice work space, luv the color and the looks of all that material. Thanks for sharing.
Love, Ma

Cirque Du Bebe said...

Drewl!! Great table but its those shelves and shelves of vintage fabric that get me in.

erin said...

always fun to re-vamp the sewing space! mine is in need of some love in a major way...

Anonymous said...

o0o what a bargain! you and family look so great and healthy! i miss ya'll-you're adorable :)