Sunday, October 30, 2011

Winter Frost

With a little more free time now that Ori is enjoying himself at school during the mornings, I have been finishing projects a little more quickly.
These two quilts were turned out for cold nights this winter, which seems to already be upon us.
While I used many of the same fabrics for both, I was pleasantly surprised with how different each one was upon completion. Except that both are soft, scrunchy and seriously warm.


kristin said...

oh, i love those colors and the mix of prints and solids in the HST quilt. beautiful!

Just Ma said...

Absolutely beautiful! Luv your personal touches to each quilt.
Love, Ma

kkp said...

where do you find your quilt patterns? i'm itching to learn to quilt, and i have no idea where to start to find a good (beautiful, but easy enough for beginners) pattern.