Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Golden Touch

I was pretty excited about kcwc- so much so that I made a short list of things I thought might be fun to make.
Accessories seemed like quick and easy projects. I made this little vest for Phia with super soft denim complete with fake pockets and vintage buttons.


Craftysquirrel said...

Cute little vest, I did the last sewing challenge - no time this week but enjoying looking at everyone else's efforts.

Cirque Du Bebe said...

I want one for me! This is really sweet.

Erin said...

oh my dear. this might be the cutest thing ever.. love it!

Just Ma said...

WOW!---How cute!!!----from the facing, stitching, and of course the buttons and use of the change up in the center one. Could be worn over several outfits.
Love, Ma