Sunday, August 14, 2011

Tomato Market

We have been hitting the local farmers market as much as possible. It has a nice selection of produce, baked goods and my favorite, Hoboken Farms.
The bike ride is short and hilly, but we usually get the best parking space. Since tomatoes are abundant, Phia likes to call it the "tomato market", and is always scouting out a new variety to try. Two pints for $3, experiment away.
But what to do with all those fresh maters?
Beet and tomato salad via Martha
Tomato Salad via the kitchn
Quickest Tomato Sauce via Jamie Oliver
And just because, Jamie Oliver dressed as a tomato

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Just Ma said...

Loved the pic and recipes. Plan on trying the tomato salad this evening. Looks like a great market.
Love, Ma