Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Stylish Sunset

It's been so hot that I haven't been too discerning about what I wear out lately, but I asked Danny to take a picture of my perfect summer outfit. I could probably wear it every day if the skirt wasn't so unmistakable.
My skirt was found in a Wichita thrift store- a vintage little chiffon gem that was probably hung up in someone's Grandmother's closet for years. With the original tags still attached and a spotty floral print, I knew it was coming home with me, and all it needed was to be sized down.
Top: TJ Max $7.99/Skirt: Thrifted $2.99/ Shoes: Target / Bag: Tea Market Tote

1 comment:

Just Ma said...

Remember how much fun we had at the thrift store---and Target(s)--all of the Wichita Targets. Love the entire outfit.
Love, Ma