Wednesday, August 10, 2011


We are playing catch up after a weekend of parties. Cakes were baked and a birthday was celebrated while laundry was left unfolded, so I hope to be back to our normal state in a day or two.
P.S. Check out those awesome shades.

After finishing a baking spree of significant proportions, our family went to celebrate Danny's little sister's sixteenth birthday party. We cut loose and enjoyed Kate's party, which was just as over the top as one would imagine a New Jersey sweet sixteen to be. Highlights included the great guests, candy centerpieces, endless photo booth pictures, and celebrating Kate on her special day, and admiring what a sweet and well rounded young woman she has grown up to be.

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Just Ma said...

Loved the family photo shoot----loved the "shades"---in fact just loved all the photos and the blog today. Did not realize Kate and Phia's BD were so close together. HB to both!!!
Love, Ma