Tuesday, July 26, 2011

We can

We are back in the swing of things and trying to enjoy this hot, hot summer.
Nothing makes me feel more at home than tending to a batch of Danny's marinara sauce. He likes to start it in the morning and let it simmer all day. Once it is ready he cans so that we have red sauce on hand for the next few months.


Just Ma said...

Wow---It looks great. Have been having grandchildren withdrawl esp. everytime I pass by "our" Braum's or Sonic.
Love, Ma

Kat said...

Is it a secret recipe?
And . . . Minnesota now has Sonics! I'm introducing friends to limeades.

Just Ma said...

Pack up the kids!!!---we are off to MN---then back to KS to have a limeade face off.
Love, Ma

Just Ma said...

----or is it a taste off?

stacey V said...

are you sharing the recipe? Jersey tomato season at Wegmans has left some to be desired as far as the big guys go, but the cherry reds have been great. Our garden is suffering but we have gotten 3 heirlooms off the vine so far.....I miss my crafty neighbor! You must come over soon