Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Summer Preparations

It transitioned from chilly rain to hot and muggy literally overnight, and I am attempting to plan, make, and convert accordingly. A spot has been cleared for a slip-n-slide, a lineup of summer salads has been organized, and I found a little time to make some heat wave friendly attire.
The top is a simple lawn print that I love, and the bottoms were an experiment in shorts making which is detaileded over at burdastlye.


Anonymous said...

Love the outfit. I might just have to copy your shorts. I don't own a single pair!

liza jane said...

I love the color of those shorts!

Erin said...

I love the shirt and those cute shorts! How did you cinch the waist? Did you just do a shirring stitch with elastic in the bobbin? So sweet!

Just Ma said...

Great print on the top and wonderful fit of the shorts---and to think you make your own patterns. Please share some salad recipes. You go girl!!!
Love, Ma

lili ash said...

smallgrapes- Thank you! You should make a pair- they were pretty easy to construct.

Thanks, liza jane- it was a hand dyed remnant that I couldn't waste any longer!

Erin- You are correct- the waist is cinched with just two rows of elastic stitching.

Thank you, Ma. Will be including the salad recipes very soon.

Rachel said...

love the color. I want to go make some colorful clothes now. You did a wonderful job on these. It's nice to have versatile wearable clothes as I mom. I get it and these are darling heat friendly and mom friendly shorts.