Sunday, June 12, 2011


Free time has been a limited asset lately. I haven't been particularly overwhelmed or completely consumed by anything- just preoccupied with dwelling issues, absurdly hot weather, and mystery fevers.
Our basement, including my sewing space, has been re-disorganized since our water issues in May, and is really resembling its disorderly-post-move-in condition. While it usually puts me in a rather uninspired mood when I have to shimmy things around to get some good working space, it has unsurfaced some cute fabrics that I had temporarily misplaced under the new goods. Consider it my spring cleaning for 2011?


Karinvd said...

That little dress (I assume?) looks really cute. Love that fabric. Goodluck with the reorganizing. It's a dirty job, but I love the clear, clean feeling when it's all done.

Just Ma said...

You amaze me! Always stay so positive. Keep making lemonade out of those lemons---that's what we are made of.
Love, Ma