Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Magnolia Dress

This little number was inspired after first glance of this mini boden dress, which seemed so perfect for Phia to wear to relative celebrations.
To be honest I loved it in yellow, but made it in purple after successfully dyeing some lavender fabric with red wine rit. It was a last minute project on Saturday afternoon before Easter, so I couldn't really be too picky. Phia likened the color to "those flower trees all over the place", which it is named for.
This is a post-Easter celebration shot, with the dress in need of a press and covered in bubble solution and ice cream. Although I tried to encourage Phia to keep her new dress clean, I think it made me cringe a little less knowing the supplies cost me about $7 to make it.
The construction is pretty simple with an a-line cut and lots of pleats around the neck. The inside is fully lined, and there is a zipper on the back, and it was made from a light weight twill from fabric.com.


Just Ma said...

Love, Ma

Auntie M said...

This is so perfect for Easter. I love the pleating at the top. I am inspired (ok, awed) by your ability to create your own patterns. I have two little boys that I would love to make clothes (besides pjs) for before they are old enough to tell me hand-made isn't cool!

Vicky said...

Really beautiful.
I wish I could make something like that without a pattern...I'd struggle with a pattern. lol.x