Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy Vernal Equinox

I am looking forward to the renewed spirit that spring brings with it.
The blossoming daffodils and crocus have been uplifting after a bitter winter combined with a particularly sad week spent following coverage of the disaster in Japan. It has been hard to stay focussed on anything other than grief- I find myself obsessively thinking about the loss of life and home, and how I can not even imagine what the affected people are feeling. But, as many people have noted, I am inspired by the strength of the victims, and their will to strive forward.

Through these trying times, I find the best remedies include thoughtful hikes, long trips to the library, and continuing my support for Japan relief efforts.

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Just Ma said...

Thanks for getting back to the blog---especially----thanks for you and the GGK pics.
Love, Ma