Friday, February 4, 2011

To Grandmother's House it Goes...

It is a little embarrassing to admit how long this quilt has taken me to finish. I have always had a recipient in mind, and always wanted it to brighten up their end of winter, since those cold months before spring always seem the longest.
I used up many little green and blue scraps to create a lush floral collage. I chose to back it with white chenille and finish it without binding.
This quilt was sent out to an endlessly amazing grandma. She has helped me through hard times and awkward phases, and I am forever thankful for all of her support, guidance, and love.


Kat said...

If this is the grandmother I'm thinking of, she has a strange fixation with chennile.
The quilt is beautiful.

Just Ma said...

All "strange fixations" aside--I agree the quilt is beautiful and a real work of art. Even has a gift tag sewn on the edge of the chennile. This gift really touched my heart---it speaks to me of things I love starting w/the seamstress who put her loving touch into making it be so special for me. How lucky can a GM be?
Love, Ma

Jen said...

Your quilt is beautiful! I love all the little squares. And I've wanted to make a chennile backed quilt but how do you quilt it? I am worried that the tufts of chennile would get caught in the sewing machine. I guess you could hand quilt it or tie it.