Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sweet Expectations

On Saturday we threw a little bash for Ori. Everyone who I talked to about the party had the same big question: what kind of cake was I working on? Each time I answered, I felt a little guilty that instead of an elaborate Thomas cake, little guy would be blowing out candles perched on a simple carrot cake.
While I know that Ori would have been indescribably excited about a Thomas cake, I usually tend to steer away from character theme parties; this preference stems from memories of how awesome parties were when we were kids, and all we had was ice cream cake and balloons. I also think I might save myself some substantial grief in the long run if I hold back while the kids are still young. I can imagine the expectations being a little higher as they get older, and I don't know how wise it would be to set the bar too high now while they are just excited at the prospect of stuffing their faces with sweets. So for now Ori will just have to make due with sugar cookies, decorated with unspecified trains and conductor pin stripes.


media_swbeans said...

Happy birthday Ori!
(how does you mom make such straight pinstripes on those cookies?)
Aunt Kat

Just Ma said...

What a cute idea. I agree about expectations. Keep it simple now and just enjoy those little ones. Love of cookies runs in our family.
Love, Ma