Monday, November 1, 2010

The (Late) Halloween Post

This year Halloween was pretty low key. We had a last minute scramble to get costumes decided upon and made- I started Phia's at 11 AM on Sunday after finding some super cheap casa satin at Joann's.Ori took to dressing like his dad in miniature chef whites and checks. We made a few adjustments so that he could fit the part of Linguini from Ratatouille- thus the rat popping out of the toque and the red Converse.
While I had initially tried persuade Phia from the princess costume, I found myself void of any other clever costume ideas.
Upon seeing the mint green, glittery dress, she gleefully thanked me for her "fairy" dress. So, I guess we both win.

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Just Ma said...

Great pics, wonderful "costumes"---Hope they had lots of fun.
Love, Ma