Monday, September 20, 2010

Pretty Sunlight + A Cleaned Room

Since having a clean sewing room is an occasion all on its own (mostly because it occurs so rarely), I felt it was necessary to take a couple pictures when I walked up and saw how pretty the early morning light was.
Besides the old Huskystar and my tools, most of the things up in the craft room were found, thrifted, or handed down. My beautiful desk was a curbside jewel, the wooden notion display was the packaging to a child's tea set, and the trinket holders are all of from estate sales.
One of my favorite things about my room is a filing cabinet with letter sized drawers. It was given to me by Danny's little sister, which she used to organize all her treasures (like stationary and candy). I like to stash works in progress, scraps and notions. The areas that are not pictured are filled with a bookcase of fabric (that still needs some work) and a basket of toys for Ori. The only thing that I don't love about my sewing room is the carpeted floors; in a couple days they will be covered in little trimmings of fabric and string.

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Just Ma said...

Great sewing room, love the letter sized file cabinet(s), and what a great cat.
Love, Ma