Friday, September 10, 2010

Endless Summer

I really love summer time, so I thought I might try to enjoy one last 'hurrah' before I give in to autumn. 1. We involved ourselves in a considerable amount of fresh corn eating the past couple months- especially when it included shaved carrots and a mustard dressing. 
2. This color of nail polish is so bright and cheery. Every time I glance at my fingers I am reminded of summertime pool parties. Thanks to K.C. for having her toenails painted like turquoise gems, thus prompting me paint my nails for the first time in years.
3. I have been finishing up some lingering projects that I started before my sewing room became unbearably hot. I used up part of a linen tablecloth printed with a beautiful summer's harvest and might not be able to wait until next summer to start using my new beach bag.

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