Friday, August 6, 2010

Test Run

Since spring 2010 started I have admired all of the high waisted short styles, but remained apprehensive to purchase a pair.
One thing that a short person like myself must always consider is that bottoms that seem like a fabulous trend, don't always translate well on petite frames. After seeing this classic look on many fashionable young ladies, I decided I might make my own to see if I could pull it off.
I started out with an acquired pair of dress pants that were reasonably larger so that they would be high waisted from the start. After a little bit of altering, I ended up with these:
Find a quick walkthrough on my alteration process here.


Jill said...

These are adorable! And you put together the perfect outfit to display them!

Heather said...

LOVE these! Thanks for the great idea:-)

Just Ma said...

Cute---real cute. Great idea. Hope you can re-purpose more outfits.
Love, Ma

Kayla Danelle Anderson said...

They look super cute on you! And this isn't even a fashion I normally like! :)

Rosa Lee said...

You look absolutely gorgeous in that shorts! I wish I have a belly for it. Maybe some day. Thanks for sharing!