Friday, August 13, 2010

Late Summer Gardening

The pumpkin plant looks like it exploded across my garden. It has twisted and coiled around the perimeter, and we are hoping for a nice harvest. Most of the squash were taken out by borers (my new nemesis) and the cucumbers and lettuces have come and gone, leaving me with some awkward empty spaces. But, the August gems are ready to pick, and in their finest form.
Organic cherries, brandy wines, and orange pears make a temporary centerpiece.


Just Ma said...

Great looking tomatoes and also nice variety.
Love, Ma

Lonekatie2 said...

All I'm left with is some peppers, tomatillos, and of course tomatoes too! Everything else has run its course. This weekend I'm doing my big fall planting- more lettuce, carrots, beets, peas, and kale! Oh, and don't forget garlic!