Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Me: Lover of the forces of nature.

The forces that be have answered the lawn's pleadings by unleashing a monsoon on the garden state.
Storms like the one that passed through yesterday always leave me in awe. I love to sit out on the porch with the kids and feel the wind gust and listen to the sound of the raindrops battering down on the roof. To me it is a sign of summer, and it left the plants happy and filled the air with the scent of the basil from our garden.


Just Ma said...

What a sweet boy. Give him a big hug from his Ma. The train looks like one that Bennett has--Thomas, I think.
Love, Ma

lauren said...

I have the same love of forces of nature. I loved sitting on the porch watching thunderstorms roll in as a child; still do, really, I'm just lacking the porch. But what I loved most of all was riding around with my dad during the flash floods that we would get almost every spring.

Just Ma said...

Addendum---you come by your love of the forces of nature naturally. Know someone else who used to love sitting on the sea walls in TX and watch the water and storms roll in from the ocean.