Thursday, July 1, 2010

Big Producers

While I miss our nice big plot from last year, I have been trying to utilize the dirt in our flower beds. I tried to stick to my plan to really get the most out of every inch of soil, but there may have been a few dropped seeds that sprouted into hearty plants that I didn't have the heart to move.
We acquired a hand me down bakers rack that felt too unsteady for our mud room, so I decided it might be a little bit more stable with its legs a foot deep in soil. It has been perfect for seedlings, and has been great for my beans and cucumbers to climb up.
Earlier in the season I started to clear and sow on the back edge of our lot on an awkward little cinder block structure that was covered in weeds. I planted some squash and tomatoes just to use up seeds from last season.
It has been a gradual project of weeding and tilling and adding seeds, and I feel like it spreads a little more everyday. 
It has also proven to be half garden and half excavation site as I dig up new rocks and random objects, all of which have become part of the border, like this little weight plate.

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Just Ma said...

Your garden is wonderful and very creative is such a small space---You go girl!!!!
Love, Ma