Thursday, April 15, 2010

It's not delivery...'s delicious home made whole wheat pizza.
This recipe works best with a pizza stone in an oven set to 425, but you can always bake it in a cake pan if need be.
When your dough is ready, give it a good knead and then roll it out to your desired thickness (about 1/3") on a well floured surface. Add your toppings of choice- I used a thin layer of sauce, mozzerella & parmesean cheeses, bacon, sauteed onions, pepper, and garlic, and two minutes before I took it out I added a handful of spinach. Lightly brush olive oil on the crust, and then slide it onto your stone and let it bake until the bottom starts to take on color and the top is bubbled and melty.


Anonymous said...

you're such a great momma! i bet phia and those little hands are going to remember this special moment making pizza with you! we'll def. have to make some this summer together! love you :) and sweeeet cake!


Just Ma said...

Phia looks so innocent and sweet. How lucky she is to have a mom at home. LJ, cherish these times w/your little ones. Enjoyed visiting w/Phia this AM. Send Phia here for my phone calls---she is such a perfect little secretary.
Ori could come just to amuse us. Love,

Terry said...

You have so much fun with your children. It's just wonderful! The pizza looks good too.

Love, Terry

Andrea @ said...

I'm loving your blog!! That pizza looks amazing!

Betty Bake said...

this looks so delicious :)

Peggy said...

the pizza looks incredibly better than any delivery!