Monday, March 29, 2010

Rainy Day Refashioning

After altering a few dress shirts and feeling quite happy with the results, I started a collection of shirts picked up at estate sales and thrift stores, with big dreams of someday refashioning them into dresses for Phia.

But then I saw this little number on and while I absolutely love it, I doubt I could ever rationalize purchasing it.
After finding inspiration from some very impressive dress shirt projects, I decided to keep it simple and basically just resized it to be similar to the aforementioned top. I subtly pleated the waist and took it in substantially, but ended up making it a little longer than normal shirt length since I am pretty short, and long tunics tend to make me look even shorter. Along with a $15 belt I picked up from Target, I think it turned out to be a very wearable spring top.
And now I have a new found respect for all of my favorite daily fashion bloggers, as it was incredibly awkward trying to take a descent picture of myself.


Anonymous said...

hah what are you going to pull out of your sleeve next, linds?! that is stinkin' adorable! if you like fashion bloggers check this one out: aw...i wish you lived closer to me! maybe this summer will initiate a little magic! love you all...didn't forget about your package. :) sending hugs, kisses and mountain vibes...


Just Ma said...

Luv it, luv the idea, luv the gal in the last pic with the repurposed/redesigned shirt---great idea!
Love, Ma