Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Twenty Four Months in the Making

I started collecting fabric for this quilt for Ori before he was born. When he was three months old I decided on the design.
When he was eight months old I completed the quilt top. When he was 14 months old I started to hand quilt it together, and when he was 22 months old I finally finished.
And now, after much procrastinating, it is binded, cleaned, and ready for Ori.
I felt a little embarrassed that it took me so long to finish this quilt for my baby boy. I am one of many people who is guilty of making 90% girl oriented crafts and I felt pretty bad that this is one of the first finished projects for Ori. If you are looking for some more masculine crafts, check out the very inspiring Made by Rae & Dana Made It & their celebration of all things boy.


Just Ma said...

Great quilt---beautiful child!

Rhiannon said...


I just found you from over at the Spring Top week. Congrats, BTW!

The quilt is Beautiful and your pushing through to the end is encouraging me to continue with the baby afghan I'm knitting my little one, who's turning 1 in two weeks! It was originally for his little bassinet! Oh well.