Friday, February 12, 2010

Eating Smart

For some time we have forced ourselves to believe that eating organic food wasn't an option for us because of the cost. But, after two weeks of trying out new eating habits we have come to realize that with a little resolve it is very much so an option, and on a food budget of less than a $100 a week.
1. Roast chicken with potatoes & sauteed spinach 2. Left over chicken with swiss chard, lentils & rice 3. Penne with left over lentils & spinach 4. Braised chuck with penne & swiss chard 5. Beef Stroganoff with left over chuck 6. Stir fry with tofu, bok choy & left over chuck

We hope to find success with this new diet, and after this first week we are setting up a few guidelines to ensure we can eat delicious food and stay under budget.

-Sticking to healthy portions. A family our size should really only eat half of a whole chicken for dinner. The next night, we can eat the other half.

-Utilize everything. Danny used the bones of the whole chicken to make a stock for lentils, and we are re-using all of our leftovers into our next night's meal.

-Eating vegetarian at least one night. The most expensive items we purchased were the meats, so the more we eat vegetarian meals with lentils or legumes, the better we can balance our budget.

We did splurge on some items (strawberries for our teething son) and we have to buy atleast 2 gallons of milk per week for the kids. Regardless, eating responsibly is very doable and I feel that now more than ever it is a necessity and no longer an option.


Just Ma said...

Okay---where does one begin on this? Great job. I whole heartedly agree with your plan. Fresh, organic, meatless, and non processed foods are the best. Come, visit, and show me all of your ideas in person. Hurry!!!!

Emily said...

Wow, I am SO inspired by this post. We have two little girls and I am always trying to eat more organic, but sometimes I just get so discouraged. It seems that it is the bulk stuff that really gets us. Like the olive oil and the 50 lbs. of flour....Love your blog!