Monday, January 4, 2010

I have fallen ill

The sore throat, feverish, and congested type of ill. But, lucky me, Danny's days off happened to be the same day that my symptoms peaked, so he entertained the children while I had the chance to sleep in.
By entertain, I mean he started a gnocchi production line on our kitchen table. The idea of eating yolki (as they pronounce it in my house) was enough motivation to brave the cold winds to get fixins' for our dinner.
Unfortunately, due to the combination of the early sunsets and our eating rather late, I was not able to take a picture that would do Danny's finished dinner justice. Just imagine gnocchi with peppered bacon, leeks, mushrooms, edamame, grape tomatoes and thyme. Oh, those delicate pillowy potato dumplings were definitely worth the effort (and illness). 

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Just Ma said...

Hope you are feeling better. Would love to have seen pics of the feast.